Music Dice Set for D&D

Music Dice Set for D&D

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These polyhedral dice sets are fully functional for playing D&D—for example, the dynamic markings die includes values for pp, pmpmff, and ff, which can be read as 1, 2345, and 6.  The louder the sound, the higher the value.

The music note and rest dice can be read based on the number of beats they represent—the quarter note is 1, the half note is 2, the dotted-half note is 3, and so on.  For dice which don't easily represent a numeric value, like the medieval instruments dice, I've included a number on the face of the die so it can be used like normal.

This set includes the following dice:

  • D4 Time Signature dice
  • D6 Dynamic Signs dice
  • D6 Music Notes dice
  • D6 Music Rests dice
  • D6 Medieval Instruments dice
  • D8 Solfeggio (DO-RE-ME) dice
  • D10 Regular dice
  • D12 Jumbo Chromatic Scale dice
  •  D20 Regular dice
  • D% Regular dice

D&D Dice Set with Music Notation Explanation